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Eyes are healthy in green

Nowadays many people suffer from visual problems. Especially for the whole day, if you look at the computer or the smartphone, you have to go through the eyes. If you get a little bit more aware of the office throughout the day, then your eyes are both healthy.

While working on a computer, be aware that there is no additional light on your computer. Adjust the brightness of the compatibility if needed.

Often remove eyelids. Usually every 3-4 seconds the eyelids are removed to solve eye-to-eye problems. The rest of the eyes also work from continuous work.

Keep your eyes closed on the job, and you can stay close for 2-3 minutes. Or just walk around. Do this several times a day. It also increases eye blood supply and the eye muscles are active.

Occasionally, give a glimpse of the water. It causes moisture and blood circulation increases.

You can keep an indoor plant in the office desk. Experts say, looking at greenhouses for a while, the eyes are healthy. If you feel tired of work, look for a while for green. Along with the carrots to keep the eyes well, lots of green vegetables, nuts, orange kamera. Fresh vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants, vitamins A and Vitamin C Which helps keep eye cornea better. There is a need for adequate sleep in the eyes.

After all working day, sleep for at least eight hours.

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