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Finally, the discovery of the AIDS treatment system

Discover AIDS treatment 

French geneticists for Disease Disease AIDS announced a huge victory in HIV / AIDS fight against scientists in France.

Researchers from Paris's research firm 'Institut Pasot' claim that they have succeeded in completely destroying HIV-infected organisms.

So far, different types of antiretroviral drugs have been used to prevent HIV infections in cells from cells. But they can not eliminate the virus from the body.

In a research report published on Thursday in the journal Medical Cell Metabolism, researchers in Paris said that they found a way to destroy the virus with viruses, including viruses.

In a press release issued by EurekaAlert, a spokeswoman for Science and Research EurekaAlert said that the antiretroviral technology currently used in the treatment of AIDS, mainly aims to prevent the spread of HIV infections in the body. Can not remove the virus from the body.

The virus survives in CD 4 lymphocytes in the main cells. These cells are not easily destroyed, because their metabolism or metabolic power is very high. So these are the main targets of HIV. HIV viruses enter these cells and increase their numbers by utilizing their enormous energy.

It has been stated in the circular that, through the use of metabolism prevention techniques, researchers have succeeded in destroying these infected cells or HIV 'Aadhaar' completely. '

This study has opened new possibilities for completely eliminating HIV by destroying future Aadhaar or host cells.

As the next step, the effectiveness of this metabolic detection technology will be tested in living organisms, researchers said.

It is hoped that if the virus is infected in the animal's body, then the virus will not be able to spread the virus to the rest of the body if it is able to hide the HIV virus in the host cells. And to be weak at one stage will be eliminated from the body.

The research has funded the Institute of Practices, Amphor (American Foundation for AIDS) and Syndication.

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