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Find out the waist pain remedy

Waist pain remedy:

One of the many physical problems of human being is waist pain or back pain. Many people suffer from this problem. Eight people suffer from less than 10 waist in every 10 people. Try to get relief from it. But as the age increases, the symptoms of the disease continue to increase. Learn about some remedies for waist pain.

 Pain in the waist:

1. Always have to sleep solidly in bed. Foam can not sleep in bed.
2. Do not work by bending or bending the spine.
3. When using the stairs, keep the spine straight by holding the handle and slip down.
4. Fat body will reduce body weight and always have to control weight.
5. Do not sit on the sidewalk, such as cutting fish, cut vegetables and so on.

6. Do not stand or sit long enough at the same time.
7. Sit straight and sit straight while sitting in the shower.
8. When you wake up, you will be keen on one side.
9. During sleep you will have to sleep straight. Can not move much.
10. Regular physical work, ie manual work.

11. Do not neglect pain. Must go to the doctor or physiotherapist.
13. Along with the treatment, the doctor provides electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound therapy, lamber trucking and various exercises.
14. There will be no more reclining or sleeplessness. It's a serious harm.
15. Fall in time. Sleep with Duncan. Never sleep on the left and the face.
16. Weight loss should be according to your height and age.
17. For a temporary relief, take a warm water or cloth.

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