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For those reasons lung cancer can be

Various causes of lung cancer:

Lung cancer is one of the various types of cancer in the body. One of our convictions is that someone who has cancer in lungs means that the person is a smoker. But even if you do not smoke, there is a risk of lung cancer. Take a look at some important information about lung cancer.

The number of cancer cases is increasing day by day. You may be suffering from lung cancer due to some bad habit or unhealthy habits. Let's know that there are some reasons which increase the risk of lung cancer day after day.

1) Smoke: 

We all know that smoking increases the likelihood of cancer can be increased. But the problem is that this process is very slow. For that reason, smokers do not realize that their smoking habits are taking her to death. A US study found that 90% of the country's smoking habit is responsible for lung cancer.

2) Indirect smoking:

 If your friend is a smoker and you do not smoke, as a result of your side, indirect smoking harm your lungs equally. Because, those who smoke and those who smoke and come in contact with smoke, they also increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

3) Those who have cancer patients in their family: 

lung cancer can also be caused by any cancer, due to genetic mutation. Because of mutation, the person may also have lung cancer, which has not seen cigarettes in any day. Those who have cancer in their family or were (especially like lung cancer), they are at greater risk of cancer risk. So if there is someone with cancer in family history, then everyone should be regularly checked without negligence.

4) Different types of chemicals:

 Asbestos, arsenic, nickel, chromium or excessive exposure to these substances have increased the risk of lung cancer several times more than others. Those who work in the mill-factory are at risk of developing lung cancer. 2) Occupational Hazards: Those who spend a lot of time working around harmful smoke due to occupational reasons, they also have the risk of developing lung cancer. Those who work in the dyeing factory and come under the chemicals smoke, work in tanneries, work in smoke in the smoke, or cast pitch on the street, they also have a major risk of developing lung cancer. Besides, women who cook regularly on barn stoves have the same risk for them.

5) Environment: 

Environment pollution has increased greatly, and this pollution has become a major cause of lung cancer. Those who move in the daily routine of car fumes, the risk is much higher. In urban areas, the pollution level is very high in the air. So the risk of lung cancer is more than the people living in urban areas.

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