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Head of hair is going up? So hair tattoos are ideal for you

 Hair tattoos are ideal for you

Tattoo culture is quite old .Until then, it was used to engrave the name of one's favorite or God by tattooing the field. This type of tattoo is seen in our grandmother's grandmother's grandmother's hands. But today's Zen X or Yee tattoo concept is quite old. From a little butterfly or bird's picture to the whole body Jesus Christ is now in the style. But in the fashion of  todays specially 'Hair Tattoo' has made its place.

Yeah, I've heard it right. In this you may feel that the hair of the head is becoming tired, the tattoo again! If there is a problem arising from head hair, then this is the ideal for you. Now the question arises that the hair tattoo? Basically it is a design made on the hair, which is done with the help of cut-cutting hair or color. Hair tattoos can be customized like ordinary tattoos, Blond colors are now too in. There are three types of hair tattoos. Typically, the tattoos are differently designed with the help of a needle, and the color of it is different. And it is the case that the hair is made by various types of tattoos designed by tattoos And there is a metal strip that looks like a hair band, glue fitted under the metal strip. This time the gum is applied to the hair.

Where is this unique concept?
Famous fashion stylist Kenny West is considered to be the creator of this genre. Once in a fashion show, thinking of what kind of model hairstyles would be, she used this kind of hair style experimentally, and later she gradually brought it to another level. Although it is good to say that in our country girls experimented with hair cutting or color, this style statement has not become popular in this country yet.

A hairstyle can be made on a small, big or medium hair, in the words of many foreign hairstyles. Some of the popular hair tears abroad are-

* Black Rabbit Hair Tattoo, where a picture of a sweet rabbit is cut by cutting and dying on the hair.

* Pink signature, basically your signature is enhanced through haircut and color. Nomenclature that makes girls generally prefer pink colors.

* Cosmic comic makes hair very attractive. Red, blue, yellow, green etc. can be painted in different colors.

* Under the Sea, it mainly uses two colors of the sea - blue and green.

* Clean line, it is drawn in a normal line, which can be straight and curve.

* Autumn secrete, a piece of autumn blossoming in hair, a maple leaf and rhododendron enhancing hair cut.

In the end, one thing is to say that,first looking , the style statement should be the one that fits your personality. Because it should not be fashioned because of impetus, so it looks in some way or bizarre.

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