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Health Benefits of Cranberry Leaf

An aromatic medicinal plant with a rich quality of coriander Its scientific name is Coriandrum sativum. This is a perennial plant.

This is the local plant of southwestern Asia and North Africa. Made from seeds of its oil - Perfume, medicines are also used in alcohol. Almost all the seeds of the Bengal region are used as spices of food.

But the leaves of delicious treasure are used in Asian cottage and Mexican salsa. We use most of the grains to enrich salad and cooking flavors. But it does not end the quality of taste and scent. This leaf is a great grassroot food for our health.

Most people have been using regularly without knowing the benefits of the leaves. It contains 11 species of Essential Oils, 6 types of Acid (ascorbic acid, known as Vitamin C), Vitamins, Mineral and other beneficial substances. It contains fiber, manganese, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, phosphorus, chlorine and protein. So there is no reason to think this page as normal.

Rice cinnamon gives a lot of taste in cooking as well as a lot of silver work. The leaves are very effective as a natural bleach. Those who have black marks on their lips before they go to sleep every night, add milk to the juice of the juice and mix it with the lip. Thus, after one month, the black spots of the lips will be removed and the lips will be soft.

Find out about the extraordinary health benefits of the cranberry leaves:

1. By eating coriander leaves, bad cholesterol levels decrease in the body, good cholesterol levels increase.

2. Beneficial to digestion, helps the liver to function properly, the stomach becomes cleansed, leaves the leaves of the treasure.

3. Cranial leaf is particularly beneficial for diabetics. It maintains insulin balance and reduces blood sugar levels.

4. The anti-septic artery, rich in lentils, is beneficial for cure of ulcers, it is also good for eyes.

5. During the menstrual period, it is beneficial to eat coriander leaves for better blood flow. The iron in it is also quite beneficial to eliminate the anemia.

6. Fat salubor Vitamin and Antioxidant Vitamin 'A' in coriander leaves work to prevent cancer of the lungs and stomach.

7. It contains anti-inflammatory material which works to relieve bone and joints pain including arthritis.

8. Memory helps to keep the brain active and the brain nerve to operate.

9. Vitamin K of coriander leaves is quite effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

10. There is also the presence of cereals and lenolic acid present in the coriander leaf, which contains antiremotic and anti-arthritic properties. They help reduce skin irritation and swelling.

11. Due to disinfectant, detoxification or toxicity, antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant components, they help to clean skin disorder or skin disorders (eczema, skin dryness and fungal infections). To keep skin healthy and refreshing, many of the benefits of the leaves are rich.

12. Calcium ions and kalinarzic or aceticolin content hold our body's blood pressure under control.

13. Because of anti-histamine content, they keep away from allergic or its harmful effects.

14. Salmonella is the most dangerous disease caused by food. Dental substances present in the rich seed leaves are twice as effective as antibiotic to treat salmonella in natural ways.

15. Among them, antimicrobial, antinephaseas, detoxifuings, vitamin C and iron are cured and prevented.

16. Much of the benefits of riches are to increase the power of sexual energy mixed with different herbal substances.

17. If you have bad smell and unwanted mouth, then fill it with bottles and fry them. Occasionally, there is no smell in the chest mouth.

18. If you have a headache, apply coriander leaves and plant juice on the forehead. The headache will decrease.

19. The leaves of the chest of the teeth are tightened and the teeth in the tooth are tight and the blood stops from the tooth opening.


In some cases they can cause allergic reactions. Cultivation of cumin leaves decreased and decreased semen compounds. Eyes may cause vision loss. Breath affects the disease. However, the amount of money we use every day does not harm the health. Excessive juice consumption is the reason for the loss. Remember, when cooking, put a curry leaves on the stove and give it to the stove and heat

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