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Health nutrition and vitamins want health protection

Nutrition and vitamins want health protection

It is difficult for us to have exercise and proper eating because of the cold winter day and long hours. But this practice can weaken our body's immune system, making it sensitive for many of our diseases. But despite hardship, you can stay in this winter by following some rules and changing your food list. Here are some diet tips that will protect you from winter sickness:

1. Eating rich foods: Iron is a mineral that carries oxygen and produces all the body-rich blood clotting processes. Anemia occurs due to its absence. But the possibility of eliminating the possibility of eating iron-rich foods. It may be eaten for shelled fishes, peanuts, beans, pumpkin seeds, broccoli etc.

2. Eggs and fish: High levels of protein in the egg, selenium, zinc, iron, copper and vitamin D, B6, and B-12. On the other hand, fish is a big source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and vitamin-D. Eggs and fish have good cholesterol growth, various benefits including protecting the heart from various diseases.

3. Vitamin C to increase: Vitamin C plays an important role in the body's immune system, in the absence of which there is a chance of becoming weak in the winter. It is also important to protect our skin. Vitamin is also known as a strong antioxidant that protects the body against a lot of health problems. Therefore, in this season, vitamin C rich fruits such as guava, broccoli, lemon, papaya, strawberry, orange etc should be eaten more.

4. More than zinc acceptance: The need for a zinc name body for health body and prevention is very much needed. Due to shortage of disease prevention system becomes weak. Disease in nerves in the body. Zinc helps in increasing body tissue and retrieving it. Therefore, to meet the deficit of the ingredients, meat, bean, vegetables, seeds, milk, nuts, whole grains, dark chocolate etc. will be eaten.

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