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Healthy 5 carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is a very important source of food. Accepting a moderate level of carbohydrate is important for everyone's health.

However, this should be chosen as the source of the right carbohydrate. In this article, it is mentioned that some foods are mentioned.

1. Potatoes:

Many people discourage it to eat without knowing it properly about carbohydrate of potatoes. Although in reality potato carbohydrate is very important for the body. Potato contains vitamin C, potassium and plenty of fiber. It should be eaten with the best results for the best results.

2. Whole  Grain:

Healthy food with red flour or such unrefined scabies. Because these food casks contain many nutrients. These are removed and made with white flour or flour.

Compared to them, many nutritious and quality carbohydrate can be found from whole grain.

3. Sweet fruit:

Just as delicious as nutrition, banana, melon, and grapes are good for nutritious food. Many are afraid of sweet fruits. But if you do not have any health problems, then eating them will not be a problem. These contain many vitamins and other food products needed for the body.

4. Plating:

There are many high quality carbohydrates in grams and beans. They are also the source of fiber and proteins needed for the body. They are cooked in different ways and eaten.

5. Corn and pulses:

Corn and pulse Vegetable is the ideal source of carbohydrate. Besides, they contain plenty of protein and fiber. There is a need for adequate diet for good health.,

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