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Healthy foods for hair

Healthy foods which are very effective for hair

Both men and women can be bald. Due to hereditary reasons, imbalance of different hormones, low active thyroid grands, insufficient nutrition and inadequate blood circulation in the skin of the head is one of the reasons for hair loss. Besides, many of our daily life foods help to enhance hair strength and beauty. The following 11 food and natural ingredients are very helpful to raise hair

1. Eating regular dietary Essential Fatty Acids Because our body is not capable of producing it from itself. It is sea fish. There are plenty of dried and so on.

2. As the age progresses, the angina of the body collapses rapidly. As a result, the hair becomes fragile. Vitamin-C is important to increase collagen tissue. Vitamin C is available in all citrus fruits such as Amalaki, Lemon, Strawberry, Red Pepper, which is essential for the protection of hair health.

3. Biotin which is included in the vitamin E-Iteric It plays an important role in gaining new hair. Buy alpi Biotin capsules every day with a little nut, diped rice body, can offer plenty of biotin content.

4. Important part of the keratin  protein hair. METHYL SULFONYL METHANE (MSM) is essential in the formation of this protein, which is available in herbaceous vegetables, cabbage etc. Substantial and semi-finished foods (MSM) levels are more available than cooking instead of excess heat.

5. The need for 'Iron' to increase hair growth and new hair is undeniable. Low-cost green vegetables, bananas, jams, cashew nuts, and iron-rich foods. However, taking 'Iron' from the body requires plenty of Vitamin 'C'.

6. Mineral cynics and zinc hair growth are indispensable. Every day 1000 milligrams of cinnamas and 30 milligrams of zinc hair are useful for hair growth and hair growth. Cinnamon, mango, green vegetables, beans can be found in plenty of cinnamon. High zinc available in the egg and lauer beech.

7. Adjusting daily VITAMIN Ô E COMPLEX (100 milligrams) increases the brightness of the hair as well as preventing hair becoming thin.

8. Vitamin helps in the formation of keratin proteins by decreasing hair fracture. Harvester oil, olive oil and sodium is able to provide adequate vitamin 'E'.

9. Increase blood circulation of the skin of the head, mildish coconut oil or ROSEMARY OIL routinely massage at least two days.

10. Vitamin 'D' helps in hair growth and brightness. Many people in urban life are deprived of sun protection due to the restriction of air conditioner room every day. They need to take regular Vitamin D tablets for them.

11. The effect of the thyroid gland is largely responsible for the hair becoming thin and clammy. Thousands of problematic patients in thyroid are abundant in our country. If possible, thyroid is possible

FUNCTION TEST is required.

Take regular hair. The lack of confidence in hairstyles, lack of mentality and mental retardation

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