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How does lemon juice dissolve kidney stones?

Dissolve kidney stones by lemon juice:

Kidney stones will melt without operation. Only a fruit juice will remove the kidney stones! Yes, I did not see the mistake. Without the operation, kidney stones will be removed in lemon juice.

Every year many people die of cancer in the world due to kidney problems. Kidney Stone is the biggest cause of kidney problem.

Dangers of playing extra meat Did you drink less water? Problems while playing less vegetables. Eating more salt is harmful. Due to hereditary reasons, kidney stones may be feared.

Sometimes dehydration can cause kidney stones. Although kidney stones may cause urine infections. National medicine of migraines used to increase the risk of kidney stones in kidney stones.

Fatal hazards even if weight increases.These stones inside the kidneys try to go through urethra to urinary Bladder . When the stone goes through a narrow tube, then there is tremendous pain. Sometimes the nullity stops completely. In this situation there is no way without operation.

But researchers from the University of Houston say that the lemon juice may be difficult. Lemon juice has hydroxycitric . It helps to dissolve the calcium oxalate crystal in our body. This calcium is mainly kidney stones due to oxalate crystals.

Researchers say, will drink 4 ounces of potassium twice a day. 32 ounces of fresh lemonade can also be eaten. Mix 6 oz of water with 2 ounces lemon juice. Liquor juice will be eaten before breakfast and before sleeping in the morning.


Not only kidney stones, there are other benefits in lemon juice.

1. Enlargement of lemon juice

2. Keep the liver clean.

3. Prevent viral infections.

4. Lemon juice removes constipation.

5. Keeps the skin clean.

6. Helps reduce weight.

7. Remove urinary tract infections.

8. Keeps eyes good

9. Reduce toothache

10. Very useful for the pregnant woman and baby in the womb.

11. Lemon juice pair fair in breast cancer breast

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