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How get to rid of constipation by domestic way

Constipation of a known disease of the present time. Everybody is suffering from this disease. It's quite uncomfortable. Due to long-term constipation, it is necessary to consume medicines. But if the constipation is less then it can be done to overcome some domestic methods.

1. Ginger or mint tea

Ginger or mint tea is quite useful. You can drink these teas to reduce constipation.

2. Healthy fats

Fat is not always harmful to the body. It is important to keep oil or fat in the right balanced diet. So keep healthy fats in the diet. Olive oil, castor oil can keep these These oils help to reduce constipation.

3. Lemon water

Citrus Food contains plenty of vitamins and nutrition. These are beneficial for body balance. Lemon Citrus Food. These include vitamin c. Drinking lemon water works to improve digestion, reduces constipation.

4. Frothy foods

To reduce constipation, put frothy foods on the table. Fiber contains green vegetables. Besides, cereals, nuts, oats etc. are fiber. They can also eat.

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