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How to keep age long years and you looking young

People's age is printed on the face skin first. Lying on the skin. The skin goes away. You can keep the skin fresh without the need of the skin, where the skin will remain fresh, where there will not be an imprint of age. That's why you have minimum

Seven specific rules must be followed.

These rules are:

1. Sun light damage the skin. So avoid the sunlight from 10am to 4pm. Use mid-level sunblocks for every two to three hours.

2. Quit smoking. Due to smoking, the polishing of the skin decreases and the skin is grayed out.

3. Avoid excessive hot water during bathing or bathing. Avoid excess alkaline soap. Use a good cleaner every day and use moisturizer on skin every day.

4. Eat healthy and eat vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water in the food list. Eat fish. Avoid red meat, rice less eaten.

5. Above all, reduce stress. Depression can be broken down on the skin and brittle on skin. Always try to stay laugh happy.

6. Suddenly get angry and do not crush the forehead. Every day, on a forehead, the crow starts to fall on the skin.

7. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. At least five days a week.

Following these seven rules above will definitely help your skin to be beautiful, fresh and attractive.

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