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How to nail care

Nail care processes :

Clean nails not only enhance the beauty of hands and feet. At the same time, it also shows personality. It is a little harder for women to protect the beauty of the nails. The lesser the use of water to keep nails beautiful, the better it is. But almost all the works of women have water. If you are a little willing and aware then you can take care of nails only.

Normally we have miniature, pedicure in nails care. But they are quite expensive and time-consuming. He said so much time and money So do not take care of nails?

Let's find out some tips today, how to make hands and feet look nice:

1. Yellowing of nails: 

The lemon juice helps to enlighten the color of the nails. Dry nails for a while with lemon juice in a bowl. If you wash your hands well, then you can see that the natural color of the nails is returned. After following this procedure, it is possible to reduce the pores of the nails.

2. Nail dirt: 

Keep moist nails by mixing shampoo and salt in light hot water. After a while smear the nails and its surroundings with a soft brush. As a result, dead cells and dirt will emerge.

3. Breakdown:

 For this reason, the nail should be filtered properly. Besides, the nails should not be filmed after bathing or bathing. Because the nails are soft in the meantime, it can easily be broken. To strengthen the nails, you can massage the petroleum olive oil before sleeping at night. Besides, nails are never too big to grow, it is more likely to break nails.

4. Proper nail polish: 

Many people like to paint colors with nail polish. But nail breathing should be applied in a few days to break the nails. In that case, once again 5/6 days after re-lifting the nail polish should be planted again. And the Nail polish Jane is a good quality and good brand, it should be noticed. Cheap Nail polish contains a ceramic material called Sisa, which is harmful to nails.

5. Take care of the inside:

 just do not care about the nails outside. Care should be taken from inside, so eat vitamin B, protein, calcium and iron food. Many times nails are broken due to lack of nutrients

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