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How to prevent kidney stone

An important part of our body is kidney.Kidney care is very important in maintaining overall health of the body. Infections in kidney infection are one of the deadly diseases of human body. Kidney infection was originally termed as 'silent killer'. Because, the symptoms of kidney infections are not as obvious until it is very difficult. As a result, medical treatment can not be started at the appropriate time. This increases the fear of the patient's death.

Kidneys are part of our body's blood purification. Many types of garbage in the body are also paid through kidneys. The biggest problem of kidney problems is the kidney stones.

But just how can prevent the kidney stones, know what? Let's know about the causes of kidney stone, which you may not know.

1) Do not eat kacha salt: Noki is a food that is very harmful for health. Because salt sodium can not easily remove the kidneys and it gets stored in kidneys. In addition, extra sodium rich foods also increase the chance of depositing kidney stones.

2) Drink moderately water: Kidney work is toxic body waste and toxin-free body. This work is done by watering the kidneys. If you do not drink water regularly, kidneys can not properly remove the body's waste. As a result, the waste is being deposited in the kidneys as stones. So, drink moderately water.

Certain rules must be followed to keep kidney good. Let's know some ways to keep kidney healthy.

1. Every day, we need to drink at least 7-8 glasses (2-3 liters) of water.

2. Do not always keep urine down. It has fear of infection (infection).

3. Do not eat any medicines, especially painkillers, or any antibiotics, without medical advice.

4. If you are over forty years of age, check at least once a year for diabetes and blood pressure. If you have diabetes or blood pressure, then keep it under control.

5. At least once a year, test the micro-album of piss.

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