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How to prevent white hair

 The problems of boys' hair growing are increasing at very low level. Why do we have to know the reasons for hair fall in early age. In this case, the resistance is better than the antidote.
Generally eating spicy foods, eating less, not taking care of hair, using less expensive hair products, genetic or hormonal problems are the reason for this.
Initially, it is possible to prevent hair sticks in most of the service.

Heat oil for two to three days a week, and massage it with a scalp of the head. Oil provides hair nutrition.
Choose shampoo according to your hairstyle. Use conditioner after using shampoo.

Be careful when you start dandruff. Because of extra dandruff, hair becomes uneven. In that case, one day a day, lemon juice or onion juice will be scalded and after 30 minutes, it will reduce the dandruff.

When you first see the hair starts to grow, add the hay, egg yolk and talk yogurt together and make a pack and apply the head. Then wash them with shampoo. The use of hena will prevent hair from ripe and the white color of the hair will be less understood.

Those who work in the sun too, ie the hair takes the sun, they have a tendency to rush fast. If you work in the sun, keep the head covered. Or shampoo hair with cream rich shampoo back from sunshine.

Many people use different types of cosmetics in the hair. Such as: gel, cream, color etc. Be careful to use these. All brands should be used all the time.

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