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How to remove facial black spots quickly

The black spots in the beautiful appearance are not fitting at all. The ugly black spots also make any beautiful face dirty. Many creams, parlor treatments are not working? So use this method to quickly remove the facial spots. Take a night out of this little little girl. In the meantime, the stains of the face will start to mingle.

What to use?

We will use lemon to remove facial marks. A little notice that all anti-spot fairy tales speak of lemon. Because only one, Lemon acts as a natural bleach. However, the lemon is to be done only at night, because the light of the sun can react to your skin. If there is no possibility of sunlight or heat due to rupture in the night, and the skin is getting 8-10 hours to remove the stains.

What to do?

You can resort to two methods. If your skin is normal, then you have to do just one 5 minutes of work. If it is dry or sensitive, then it takes 30 minutes.Clean the mouth very well. Wash the mouth with the face and wash it with towel.

If it is normal or oily skin, then apply fresh pancake lemon juice (which is yellow in color). A little honey can be mixed with lemon juice. Then let it dry. And the lemon juice fell asleep in the mouth. There will be no problem with normal or oily skin. Remove the face with cold water in the morning.

If it is a dry or sensitive skin, then mix the soil and honey mixed with ripe lemon juice. Put 30 minutes on the face to wash this mixture. Then wash it. Regular use can be used to match the black spots of the skin.


If there is any discomfort after giving lemon juice to the skin, wash immediately and do not use it again.

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