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How to tell if you have high cholesterol without a blood test

These signs of high cholesterol :

Modern life, unregulated life, due to all these diseases, which are the most difficult problems, their blood cholesterol levels rise. If you understand that you have such problems, then check the blood for Dustu.

But according to doctors, you do not have to wait till blood tests to understand whether you have a tendency to get sick, or whether your blood cholesterol levels have already increased. Rather than seeing some symptoms, it is understood that the disease is bound by the body.

According to public health expert Gourd Goswami, there may be many physical problems starting with high cholesterol in the blood. Its effects also appear in the body's appearance. So, being a little aware, it can be understood that cholesterol levels are increasing.

If you have painless swelling in the eyes of the eyes or whitish or yellow, then quickly test your blood. Although it does not show any signs of eye, it is a very important symptom of having cholesterol in the blood.


Sometimes chest pains are going on for a while, but did not find any problem in ECG report? Once you have tested blood, check whether blood has entered cholesterol. If there is high cholesterol then oxygen supply in the bloodstream decreases. Due to lack of sufficient oxygen, cardiovascular pressure may cause chest pain.

Cholesterol in the brain also decreases blood circulation. That is why sometimes there is a continuous pain on the neck and back of the brain. Heart rate may increase due to physical activity or any concern. But without any reason, heart rate increases sometimes. If this happens then do not waste time and do a blood test. Cholesterol increases the heart.

Look very carefully, there is a gray streak around the eye glove? If so, it is not the eye problem, but it is because of cholesterol. So do not delay the doctor's advice quickly.

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