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In the winter, take care of your hands and feet in a dry, domestic way

When the cold wind blows, the skin becomes rough and dry. The lips burst. Skin from the ankle of the feet started to grow. The hair grew dandruff. More such problems arise in winter.

Many people take care of the skin, but sometimes they do not look at the hands and feet. As a result, the skin of hands and feet becomes detergent. The dryness of the skin is very uncomfortable.

If you follow the rules properly, the winter is not ashamed, and the skin is smooth and beautiful. Let's know how to take care of the skin in the winter.

1. Take care of your hands :

In the winter, many people's skin becomes very irritable and dull. Find out how to keep the skin beautiful at this time.

(A) Mix one spoon of milk or a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin in the skin and rub it in two hands before going to sleep at night.

(B) Massage the hands and fingers with almond oil before going to bed.

(C) If one's skin is dry, take one spoon of sugar and lemon juice. After that, keep ablaze with the palms of your hands until the sugar melts. After that wash your hands with cold water. You can also use honey instead of sugar.

(D) Mix the rose water with glycerine and apply it in two hands. See how well the skin is clear.

Winter does not just take care of the skin and hands, but it will not be. Keep in mind the foot care.

(A) Mix sugar with equal quantity of olive oil or lemon juice and prepare the scuba. After 2-3 days use this mixture with the scraps.

(B) Come out from the outside and mix lemon juice in light warm hot water and keep the hands and feet for 10-15 minutes. After that apply soft brush shampoo and remove the scratched skin.

(C) To prevent an ankle foot from the feet, wash the feet before going to sleep at night and mix lemon juice with a spoon Vaseline and place it in a well and ankle place. After that go to sleep after the socks. Wash and wash in the morning.

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