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Keep the broccoli daily in the diet chart

Broccoli is a very popular vegetable. It contains copies of the national vegetable. Although there is no reputation due to taste, the broccoli has many fame in physical fitness. 1 cup of broccoli contains 1 cup of rice equivalent protein but 1 cup of calories contains about half the amount of calories.

It is very important for our health to maintain a daily diet. Want to know how helpful is the broccoli for our body? Let's know.

1) Prevention of cancer:

Broccoli increases the immune system of our body, which makes our body categorize cancer cells. All types of broccoli and copper-containing vegetables have cancer prevention ingredients.

2) Reduces bad cholesterol:

There are plenty of salubal fiber in the broccoli, which absorbs bad cholesterol in the body.

3) Protects against allergies and inflamation:

Studies show that broccoli omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant components protect the body from allergic reactions and various forms of inflammation.

4) Broccoli is a strong antioxidant:

Among all the vegetables in the copper, there are plenty of vitamins C and flavonoids in the broccoli. There are also carotenoid lutein and beta carotene in the broccoli which are very strong antioxidants. These enhance our immune system.

5) Strengthen the bone structure:

The broccoli has high levels of calcium and vitamin K that strengthens the bone structure of our body and protects from all diseases related to bone pain.

6) Ensure the recovery of heart:

The broccoli's isotheriosanates and sulfurfen's anti-inflammatory material can help protect the heart's blood circulatory vein and reduce cholesterol.

7) Keeps diabetes under control:

There are plenty of fiber in the broccoli. Which is particularly effective in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

8) Remove constipation:

Broccoli fiber enhances our digestion and helps keep us free from constipation problems.

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