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Never do five things that you do after eating

After eating you never do this things:

After eating the stomach without knowing it, we do some work which is very harmful for our body. These behaviors start from the abnormalities of the blood circulation of the body, causing unhealthy problems of heart disease, obesity etc. So be aware of today. Do not know after eating any five jobs-

1.  If you have the habit of taking fruit after eating gullet, leave today. The result is acidic. After eating the stomach, the fruit increases the amount of acid on the body after eating fruit. So eating fruit after about a couple of hours can only benefit if you eat it.

2.  Many people have a habit of taking bath. It increases the blood circulation levels of the body. As a result, increased blood volume increases in stomach. So bathing after eating it digestion problems. This habit is also a problem in body metabolism.

3.  If you have a habit of exercising at full stomach, leave that habit today. It is not beneficial in the past, it also hurts the opposite body and also hinders the digestive process.

4.  It is better not to fall asleep and to fall asleep. This increases the risk of fat deposits. Rather take a little walk after eating. It will also help to reach the stomach and make it suitable for digestion.

5.  It is not always necessary to smoke. On the other hand, the amount of smoke that can be damaged in the body, after consuming the stomach, it increases the loss of smoking a few times. Because when the metabolism of the body begins, tobacco smoke is more dangerous when it comes to the body, it is more dangerous.

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