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Potassium-rich foods reduce the risk of stroke

Those who have high levels of potassium-rich fruits, vegetables and dairy products, compared to those who have a mineral intake, are less likely to be infected with their strokes. A recent study has said.

This information was found by analyzing the results of 10 international studies conducted on more than two million middle-aged and adults.

It can be seen that the risk of taking strokes from the study participants increased by 11 percent in the next 5-14 years after the increase in the rate of taking 1,000 mg of daily potassium.

It is only due to potassium that has not been proved in the study, but researchers say that potassium is more beneficial for any human.

The result of the study conducted by Susan C Larson, researcher of the 'Carolinaska Institute' in Sweden, has been published in 'Stroke'.

It says high-quality potassium-rich foods are healthy. For example: bean diet, various types of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products etc. And that's why people eat it useful.

Essential elements of potassium to balance the liquidity of the human body Moreover, it is useful to control nerves, muscle control and blood transfusion.

Earlier, many studies have shown that high levels of potassium in the diet helps to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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