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Quality of potato peel

Benefits of potato peel
Poteto peel

There is plenty of potato production in our country. So the name of the potato comes after the rice. Potato contains Vitamin 'A', 'B' and 'C'. There is also a large amount of carbohydrate with vitamins 'A', potassium, iron, antioxide, fiber in potassium.

However, when we play potatoes, we mostly drop the peel soup. That is not a smart thing at all. Because the test has proved that there are many nutritional qualities in potassium. Potato peas are very useful for health. So give potatoes with peels while cooking potatoes in the cooking.

Let's know the advantages of potato peel:

1. There are plenty of potassium and mineral in potato granules. Which improves the chemical process of the body. Potassium is very useful in keeping our nervous system active.

2. We need at least 16 mg of niacin body every day. And this niacin can be found from potato peas. Which will help keep your body healthy.

3. We get protein, vitamins, mineral and carbohydrate from potatoes. The same material can be found from potato peas. Therefore, this protein, vitamins, mineral and carbohydrate can be found more if you do not eat potatoes. Which will make the body stronger and disease resistant.

4. Iron is a very important element for the body. Iron is an important component to keeping the normal blood flow of blood sugar functioning. Every day, 3-5 pieces of coconut will give our body 4 milligrams of iron or iron.

5. Those who have weak digestion, especially those with potato peels are very beneficial. Because the potato fiber has plenty of fiber. Fiber increases digestion in our body. Potato peas helps to digest food easily.

6. Due to the abundance of fiber in the potter's pot, there is also a great benefit in addition to increasing digestion. And it absorbs excess glucose in the body, due to potato cholera, blood sugar levels are in control. Although diabetics admit to eating potatoes. However, if the potatoes are boiled or cooked with boiled water or cooked, it does not cause much damage.

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