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Reasons to reduce life span!

We all want to survive for a long time. But do you know, there are many jobs that are undoubtedly reducing our lifespan. Find out what that reason-

1. Watch tv:

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, watching the TV, DVD or video for more than 25 years of age can decrease their life span by about 22 minutes. As a person, if he sees TV continuously for six hours a day, then he can go five years from his life.

2. Stay alone:

Many people like to live alone. It seems that the pressure can be avoided. But experts say other things. Their words, being alone means to deprive the happiness and ease of life, which can reduce life expectancy. US health psychologist Julian Hoult-Lunstad said: "It is possible to lose 15 cigarettes a day without loss of health."

3. Sit down:

Studies published in the Journal of American Medical Association say that sitting on an average of more than 11 hours a day means that the probability of death in the next three years increases by almost 40 percent. So do not sit still, work hard, stay healthy!

4. Unemployment:

Researchers from Canada say that being a man unemployed means increasing his chances of premature death by 63 percent. The researchers found information that analyzed data of 40 years of 20 million people in 15 countries.

5. Sleeping:

Experts say that it is not okay to sleep for more than eight hours a day. They said, not sleeping consistently for so long. Experts advised to sleep for seven hours a day.

6. Extra exercise:

Exercise is beneficial for the body. But if it is greater then danger Therefore, it is necessary to exercise with the advice of physician for a specified time.

7. Sexual relationship:

A study of British medical journals shows that men who have not been sexually involved at least once in a month, are more likely to die than those who have sex at least once a week.

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