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Red or white, nutritional value in an egg?

Red or white eggs nutritional value

Eggs are eaten at home every day. And if there is a child in the house then there is no talk. But white eggs or red eggs, which is better, or eating more eggs is more beneficial. There are no conflicts, arguments or opinions about it. Eggs are almost always required by almost every household every day. If there is a child in the house then there is no talk.

So the parents are worried when the baby is egged, buy an egg at all. Many people think the nutritional quality of red eggs is high. Someone or folks in white eggs

Let's know why egg color is of two types:

According to the scientists, white poultry chickens lay white eggs. Dark-colored poultry chicken Can nutritional quality change in these two types of poultry?

Recently, research has been done by Colonel's University of Veterinary Fellow Trowe Vieu. He told the Indian media that there is no special difference in the nutritional value of these two types of eggs. New York researcher also agreed with him. However, according to them, omega-3 fatty acids in red egg are slightly more. But this amount is so small that it does not make much difference.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a large (50 grams weight) 72 calories and 4.75 grams of fat (of which only 1.5 grams are soluble). The amount of nutrients in the white and red egg is almost one.

However, it seems to be a little different with Calcutta nutritionist Sumit Ghosh. According to him, omega three fatty acids in red egg, which is more beneficial, is also beneficial for the body. But he is blown away by the Delhi nutritionist Gita Malhotra. According to him, oatuku fatty acid can not play a role differently. Thus, the treatment of two kinds of eggs is almost the same as that of the treatment.

Nutritional quality is not one, but the taste? According to researchers, the taste of eggs depends on how the chickens are breeding and chicken's diet. So, whether it is red or white, eggs can be eaten safely.

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