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Skin and hair special care before sleeping at night

The skin and hair need special care before sleeping at night. Because of the night repairing of the skin works. Skin-renewal and repair processing are not exactly the same as all-day sweat, dust, dirt and oil spills are closed. Whatever kind of skin that is normal, dry and oily, Night Care is Mast. So do not know some special tips for knight care.

> No matter how tired before going to sleep at night, makeup must be removed very well. The hands, feet and facial skin should be cleaned well. If you can take a bath before going to sleep at night it is very good. Because, if the skin is clean then the normal function is exactly like and the skin can breathe well.

Do not wash your mouth with very cold or hot water. Wash the face with a little more water, so that the skin is well clean. Especially the oily skin is to clean the face with a lot of water.

> Whatever kind of skin, clenching is necessary at night. Those whose skin is dry nature they use clenching cream. In this case, the skin will be cleaned on the one side and the skin will also maintain normal moisture. Do not wash your face with soap to clean the skin. The skin will become more dry. Use soap las klinzer or face soap as per expert advice.

> Hair dry well at night, gradually cleansing the hair, leaving the hair straight for hair. It is better not to use metal comb If the hair is big, then knit the ponytail or braid. This will not let the hair fall down. Do not tighten your hair and do not bend the hair.

> Take dinner at least two hours before going to bed. If sleeping with extra tension or stress does not get better, and if you do not sleep, its imprint on the skin.

After toning, toning is important. After cleaning the face, clean the face with the cotton toner. There is no alternative to tanning skin smooth, brighter and taut. Toner helps to circulate well on the skin.

> Moisturizer or night cream keeps the skin hydrated. Keeps the skin well. If your skin is dry and normal, clean face before sleeping, apply nourishing cream on face and neck skin and light massage up-ward and out-word stroke. Do not use oily skin on oily skin This will make the skin more oily.

> Take a few minutes of hands with a few drops of oil and shake your eyes in the light for 1 minute. Remove with wet cotton. Regular use of skin around the eye will be as good as the dark circles will also reduce the problem.

> Before you go to bed every night, apply a moisturizer or a lip balm to the lips. 1 minute lip rub with soft cloth. Then mix the rose and glycerin together. This will make the lips soft and soft.

> Take care of hands and feet before going to bed. Massage massage on the nails. Nails will be smooth. Drain the leg by adding herbal shampoo in light hot water for a few seconds. It is better to clean the ankle ankle with a palm stone. Massage the heel, the fingers, the foot lotion in the lower part of the foot.

Regularly monitor the night care routine in the skin and hairstyle, and understand the difference itself.

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