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Some problems and solutions for urinary tract

Waste discharge from the body is the main function of kidney and urinary system. Muscular urinary control also regulates water and salt levels in the body. Inadequate power or disability due to insufficient waste of urine, these waste disrupts our healthy body environment.

What is the normal urine habit?

A person drinks 2.5 to 3 liters of water or drinks in 24 hours.
If the ability of kidneys to work is normal, if there is not much difference in the surrounding environment, one thousand 500 cc urine in every 24 hours creates kidneys. Some water from our body is sweaty, with some water inhaled, some water goes out with mumps.
Since the normal capacity of our urine bag is 300 cc, so naturally a person urine five times in 24 hours.

However, due to various normal or abnormal reasons urinary tendency may occur and may also decrease. If we eat extra water or fluoride, but urine is high, urine is repeatedly. Frequent urination is diabetes. On the other hand, in the case of men, the growth of the prostate gland increases with age as a normal change in age. Prostate glands cause obstruction in urine flow. The result is that urine pouch is not completely empty all the time. There is a kind of discomfort in the mouth of the urine that produces the prostate and the urine bag.

Due to old age, the capacity of the urine to reduce urinary tract in women and men decreases. Repeated tendency to urinate increased.

Is it possible to protect this urge to urinate or not?

No But of course it is not normal. These controls may be temporarily or permanently interrupted due to various types of neurological illnesses, neurological disorders, coordination, urinary impairment, hormonal imbalance, and various diseases of the urine. When a person loses control of this, he can not do any of the urine to urinate. Sometimes, in some cases it is an embarrassing event, which is not only sick, but also socially embarrassing, despite its inadequate reluctance in some cases. But all these are controllable and healing. Need only to take proper action at the right time.

What is normal urine?

Normal urine is clean, colorless or yellowish. The process of discontinuation of the urine is completely unhealthy and painless. The process can be started on its own will, not necessarily any pressure. The speed is continuous, in the last 20 seconds.
A natural amusement can be felt by ending the process.

If urine is muddy, excessive foamy or abnormal stomach, the process is pain, irritable, it is not normal. This may be caused by various illnesses including urine inflammation. In this case, take necessary action. If the color of the urine is red or it is important to take into account the importance of blood to it. If you have urine in the urine of painless urine, then it must be taken as a very important and risky health problem. The slightest omission can be the reason for the outstanding losses. However, timely treatment, diagnosis and treatment of such life-threatening illness is not only control, in many cases healing is possible.

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