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Stay healthy in the 20-minute exercise

20 minutes exercise for healthy life

We need some exercise every day to stay healthy. But due to lack of time we can not exercise at all. Because many people think that exercise is not available for a short time. But such an idea is absolutely wrong. You can stay in office for only 20 minutes after returning from the office.

Laying a soft mat near the wall, leaning over it and bringing it to the wall as much as possible. With the body on the wall, lift the legs with a 90 degree angle. The legs are straight.

So stay 15-20 minutes. But do M force to exercise if you have difficulty doing this. It can also cause adverse effects on the body. This exercise can not be done even if there is pain in the leg or spinal cord. So, what is the benefit of having 20 minutes?


Many people can not sit for long while in office because the legs are swollen. But if this is 20 minutes, the movement of blood on the legs increases and swelling decreases. With blood, blood flow increases throughout the body.

This exercise helps to reduce fat. Because of this, the stomach performance increases. Increases peristalsis to improve blood circulation. As a result, the strength of digestion increases. If digestion is properly digested fat will decrease. Even petrol pumps like decreases.

Apart from this exercise, you can also keep your nerve free. Do this exercise to keep your head, neck, stomach and lung muscles relaxed at home after office hours. And in this, a lot of oxygen enters the body and the oxygen is transmitted to the cells in good blood circulation cells.

If you do not sleep at all or sleep frequently, then you can do this athletics. It increases the blood circulation in the cells on the head and keeps the nerves free of tension, so that they get deep sleep.

Those who wear high heels have tremendous pain on their feet and due to the swelling of the legs, it is difficult to read the high heel for the second -. So if you lie 20 minutes back home every day, get rid of this problem.

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