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The 11 fitness myth that are worse than good

If you want to increase your strength, want to be slim or to improve the mood, follow the fitness routine. You may believe that there are some myths about fitness, but these common myths are wrong! Yes, in today's feature, we will know about 11 fitness maths which are wrong and vice versa.

Myth 1:

 It is enough to exercise one or two times a week to maintain your body.


exercising one or two days a week can not provide any sustainable health benefits. Shawon Arrant, a former Xeroxist of Rootgart University of New Jersey, told Business Insider recently that "it is best to participate in the program of at least 3 days a week".

Myth 2: 

The best time for exercise is the first part of the day ie morning.


It is the right time to exercise when you can exercise with concentration. So if going to the night is better for you, then go to the gym at night. If you like to run from the morning to sleep then you can do so. If you do not have any choice then some experts suggest that exercising in the first part of the day increases the speed of weight loss by burning fat throughout the day.

Myth 3: 

If weight lifting, fat changes in muscles.


Fat never changes in muscles. In physiologic terms, tissue is of two types. Adipes (fat) tissues are found below the skin, in the middle of the muscles like the sandwich, and it is surrounded by the internal organs as the heartbeat. Another is the mescal tissue that breaks into three main categories and they are found in whole body. What is in the case of wet training is that it helps to form muscle tissue in or around any fat tissue. The best way to reduce fat tissue is to eat vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, and take healthy vitamins like olive oil and fish.

Myth 4: 

Solving the puzzle and playing the game is the best exercise for the brain.


According to recent research, ancient physical exercises that can win against any kind of mental rack. Two new studies have suggested that the aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and causes sweating, so that the beneficial effect on the brain. Aerobic exercise is beneficial for Hyundai as well as for the brain and beneficial.

Myth 5: 

Exercise is the best way to lose weight.


The University of Texas's Exercise Scientist, Philippe Steinforth, told Business Insider, "Diet plan plays a big role in weight loss than exercise. If you want to be slim, you need to make significant changes in dietary habits.

Myth 6:

 One of the best ways to get Six Pack .


In the seat compromise, only abdominal muscles are targeted. Plancks recruits work on the back muscles of the abdomen, back and sides. For these six packs, all these muscles have to be challenged.

Myth 7: 

Weight lifting is just for boys.


Muscle strength is strengthened when weight training or weight lifting, so there is no difference between the learner. Less testosterone is produced in the female body than the average male, and the study has said that hormones play in how our muscles are formed.

Myth 8: 

It takes at least 2 weeks to change the shape of the body.


In most people, within 1-2 weeks, muscle tissue breaks without regular exercise. Arrent said, if you stop exercising, you will lose or lose your fitness. So use it or lose it.

Myth 9: 

The ideal way to stay in Marthon is to be fit.


Fast and fast 5 to 10 minutes running can run health-benefits like running for hours. So there is no problem if you can not run the marathon.

Myth 10: 

The most reliable way to control what you eat is the food diary.


 Even when we try to become aware of what we are doing in our bodies and how active we are, then we give ourselves a lot of credit which we do not deserve. Stenfforth said that tendency to give more importance to physical activity is seen in people and less important than the amount of food they eat. They think that they eat less and work more.

Myth 11: 

The best way to get rid of hydrates after exercise is to drink a sports drink.


Most sports drinks are full of sugar and water only. Instead, experts recommend drinking normal water and eating high protein snacks. Since the study showed that proteins help to regenerate muscles after exercise.

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