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The cause and treatment of infertility

How to prevent infertility

A strong bridge between the husband and wife,the relationship between the bride and groom is fulfilled. But infertility is called a curse of a married life. Because no couple is hobbled to see the smile of a child. Yet many people around us suffer from infertility problems.

Analyzing the causes of infertility, 40 percent of cases are found in women, 35 percent are husband and 10-20 percent of cases do not get pregnant due to both husband and wife. In 10 percent of the cases there is no exact cause of barrenness. However, our country is still pregnant In order to do so, firstly, the girls are given the responsibility.

In the hope of a child, a couple does not adopt any contraceptive methods, even after one year when a woman does not get pregnant, she is called a childhood or infertility.

Today, today's medical sciences are many steps ahead. Nowadays everyone is known about the method of childbirth. In the terminology, the egg and sperm can be termed as medicine in vitro fertilization, and outside of the body in a kritimam manner, if it is successful, Invitro fertility is common to people, which is called test tube baby system Known.

However, infertility is not a test tube baby system. In case of an infant couple, the cause of infertility is not only due to faults or diseases of the sperm or spouse, there are many other factors which can lead to fertility. If the child is more than 35, if there is an abdominal fat body, mental Due to physical discomfort, shyness or fear can lead to infertility.

In case of physical or physical disorder due to irregular or timely intercourse, there can be no pregnancy if there is irregular or timely intercourse. Sometimes, the possibility of decreasing child-bearing capacity of the wife due to certain diseases of her husband (syphilis, gonorrhea) is very high.

Thyroid lymphatic illness may be the cause of barrenness. Most of the cases of dysfunctional palliative tuberculosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes etc. are found in women's infertility.

Due to the lack of dynamic sperm in the genomes of men, there is also a lack of adequate dynamic sperm in eczema. Apart from environmental pollution, lack of physical exertion, excessive heat work, mumps, typhoid, arthritis, hydroxyl etc., sperm production decreases infertility.

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