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The food which is more beneficial in the empty stomach in the morning

To eat heavy breakfast in the morning. But do not eat heavy food at the beginning, wake up in the morning and eat lightly light water and light food.

You can eat heavy food after an hour. The foods that are more beneficial than playing an empty stomach:

1. Honey:

Honey will increase the metabolism of the body and keep weight in control, increase the immunity.

2. Tropical almond:

Wood nut will be wet in the water the previous night. In the morning water will be eaten nut. You will get lots of vitamins and minerals. The wood nut or oven rules can be refreshing throughout the day for every day. There will be no weakness in the body.

3. Indian gooseberry:

If you can eat Indian gooseberry juice in empty stomach then life expectancy will increase. Indian gooseberry contains Vitamin C.

The skin will be clean, hair will be good and eyes will be good. But tea or coffee can not be eaten in any way by eating Indian gooseberry juice in 45 minutes.

4. Papaya:

You can eat ripe papaya in an empty stomach. Papaya increases digestion and keeps the stomach clean. With that it will help reduce the cholesterol.


Watermelon can eat empty stomach. Because the electrolyte is in the watermelon. Which helps to meet the shortage of water all night. The calories are very low in this.

6. Dates:

You can eat dates in an empty stomach from sleep. There are plenty of fiber in date palm, which can remove constipation. Helps in digestion of date palms. There is no such problem of diarrhea or stomach bad. Because there is plenty of potassium in the date palm.

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