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The habits that will reduce the weight

Weight is decrease some habits:

Eat less and exercise, sometimes they are not enough for weight loss. If you make many habits in personal life, then your weight will decrease. Let's follow the Reader's Digest without knowing what your weight will decrease.

1) Keep calories and vitamins c. If you practice eating these vitamins, then your weight will decrease. Also try to follow regular diet charts.

2) Try to work physically every day. Working at the office? Take a 5-minute break after an hour. Try to clean your own dishes after eating.

3) Make breakfast like intelligent. Do not keep too heavy in the breakfast snack, but there is more calories than nutrition.

4) If you are sleeping, exercise and eat less, you do not lose weight. If the sleep is low, the increase of lapatin and gerlinin increases the amount of hormones which will increase your appetite. So every 8 hours of course must sleep. Sleep fat in the sleep.

5) If you do the same exercise every day, be sure not to get the exact result. Change the type of exercise two to three months later. Many nutritionists have asked to reduce cardio workout. Because cardio workout requires extra hunger and gives you a crush on you.

6) Be habituated to eat unhygienic foods. In everyday city life, you are going to the unknown with food, plastic, insecticides, melamine and many more harmful products. Practice eating organic foods to avoid these.

7) Do not be dependent on exercise only. Weight loss is not only dependent on exercise, but with exercise, diet, moderate sleep, healthy lifestyle helps reduce your weight.

8) Smile every day There is nothing more than a smoker's medicine. People laugh alone, thinking they are crazy. Please join some leaping clubs. Did you know, what is the cost of calorie smile? Know today Laughing for an hour causes your body to lose 120 calories.

9) Do any exercise you like. To reduce your body, your trainer may give you any exercise that you do not like at all, or after exercising, you get tired of fatigue. Exclude the exercise. Take a new exercise that you like, enjoying less weight.

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