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The leaves that remove 10 diseases

Centella or Indian pennywort leaf.
A well-known plant of our country is a herbal plant. Its Latin name is centella aciatica. The use of centella  leaves in rural areas has been coming from the original period. The small rounded leaves contain medicinal properties. Sentella leaf juice is unhealthy to cure diseases.

Through processing, many diseases are relieved by its herbal properties. Direct access to food is possible to help the centella proper treatment of diseases. In the region, Thankuni leaf is called Adamoni, Titura, Tea, Manaki, Thanakuni, Adagununi, Dholamani, Thulkudi, Manamani, Dhulwigun. However, now everyone knows the Thankuni.

Multiple studies have shown that if someone starts eating regular pneumonia leaves, the performance of each part of the body increases from head to toe. There are many more benefits to match with it. For example,

1. Decreased hair fall: 

Several studies conducted at different times have been found to reduce the nutritional deficiencies within the scalp by using centella leaves 2-3 times a week. As a result, the hair fall levels begin to decrease. You can use centella leaf to reduce the rate of hair fall. How? It has to be done with the amount of centella leaves and it will be smashed. Then make a paste with the amount of tulsi leaves and bamboo mixed with it. At last, you have to wait a little while by placing the paste on the hair. After 10 minutes the hairstyle should be washed thoroughly. In fact, at least twice a week, you can see the hairstyle for the kinda fate!

2. Toxic ingredients go out from the body: 

In many ways many harmful toxins enter our body, blood all day. If these poisons are not expelled from the body for the time being, then there is danger of begging! And this is done by the centella leaf. How does In this case, after mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with a little amount of Thanakuni leaves in the morning, the harmful ingredients in the blood are released. As a result, many diseases are forced to stay away.

3. Treatment of wounds: 

SPEONONINS and other useful ingredients present in the centella  leaf play a special role. So if you cut it somewhere from now on, instantly shake Than Kuna leaves. You will see less pain in the nipes.

4. Improve digestive power:

 Improves digestion and digestion. Because many studies have shown that many useful components present in the centella leaf are used to help digestion of essential hyaluronic acid, which is tick. As a result, problems such as bad-digestion and gas-ocular can not be raised.

5. Increases the beauty of the skin: 

The amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals present in the centella leaf play an important role in reducing the nutrient deficiencies in the skin and reducing the bleaching. As a result, the brightness of the skin increases naturally. At the same time decreasing the chances of aging of the skin at an early age.

6. Problems such as dysentery are eliminated:

 In this case, every morning, in the empty stomach, the centella leaves will be eaten. If you can do that 7 days, then only in the Kallafat! Another way to reduce this kind of problem is to use centella leaf. First take the amount of centella leaf like quantity. Then add sugar to that juice. This mixture is two spoons, you can see the pain twice a day.

7. Complementary treatment of stomach disorders: 

Mix small amounts of bamboo leaves with 1 pineapple leaves, yellow juice and quantity, and mix well. The combination of these types of stomach disorders can be saved in a short time. At the same time, the prevalence of the crime decreased.

8. Reduce the incidence of cough:

 2 tablespoons of chickenpox leaves with a little sugar mixed with juice, decreases cough. And if you can eat a week, then there is no talk. There will be no sign of cough.

9. Decrease of fever:

 Season change is often caused by fever in the time of fever, they have to eat mushrooms! Because Ayurveda mentions that during fever, one spoon of centella and 1 spoon mixed with juice of juices, it is best to have some fever in the early stomach after eating an empty stomach. As well as decreasing physical vulnerability.

10. Gastric problems are eliminated: 

Gastric nets fracture due to unhealthy eating? No Problem! Buy centella page from the market. Then you will see that the problem will be in the hand. In fact, a domestic treatment comes in great way. What is that treatment? 250 liters of honey mixed with half a liter of milk and a small amount of tocu foot

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