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The number of women infected with lung cancer is increasing

Lung cancer increasing in women:

 Lung cancer

Initial lung cancer usually has no symptoms. The voice may change due to blood, cough with cough. Raucous, raucous voice can become voice.

If there is a change in the voice for more than two weeks, suddenly a weight loss of about 10 pounds or more may be a sign of lung cancer. Weight loss without diet or exercise cancers.

Cancer cells absorb all the energy and reduce unexpected weight. By eating, urine, chest pane, 50 percent of the people diagnosed with lung cancer and the diagnosis of chest and shoulder pain.

Chronic pneumonia or bronchitis patients are more likely to develop lung cancer. Many times the tumor stays with the respiratory tract, which causes pneumonia or lung cancer in patients with bronchitis. Accept the doctor's advice quickly. Smoking causes 80 percent of the lung cancer risk.

The increase in the rate of lung cancer among women is also increasing due to increased smoking trend among women worldwide. The number of deaths due to lung cancer in women is rising. Women suffer from adenocarcinoma lung cancer.

The growth rate of lung cancer in our country is the change in their living conditions.

Now the girls are getting out of the way, they are working. Many people are accustomed to smoking or drinking. They are now working on a lot of street fumes.

The cancer is initially limited to the lungs. As the symptoms are not seen, very few patients realize that at this stage, he has been diagnosed with cancer. For other diseases X-rays can be detected by lung cancer.

Keep yourself away as much as possible from two types of smoking directly and indirectly. Beware if there is any cancer in the family. More than 50 years later, this tendency to be infected with cancer. Health checkup is required once a year.

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