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The nutritional value of different fruits, medicinal properties and other uses

Each fruit has enough nutrients and medicinal properties. Through this post, you will try to inform the nutritional value of the fruits obtained in Bangladesh, medicinal properties and other uses.

01. Mango:

Nutritional quality: There are plenty of carotene, vitamin C and calories.

Medicinal value: Salted fruits are used in the treatment of ayurvedic and unani system as a laxative, rational, and tonic or bolster. Useful for liver or liver. Both of them are ripe and raw, both of which are ripe and raw, to prevent night blindness and blindness. The benefits of juice of various organs of the mango are beneficial for stopping blood flow. Poor leaf juice is relieving of dental pain. Mango dry bud relaxes thin lavatories, old liver and urine fever. Benefits of using gum blisters and skin diseases are beneficial. Amara leaf crust is used for fever, chest pain, and diabetes.

Usage: Mango is made from chutney, rice, mango, marmalade, jelly and juice.

02. Jackfruit:

Nutritional quality: There are plenty of carbohydrates, protein and carotene.

Medicinal value: jackfruit shells and seeds are considered as a stimulant in China. Blossomed asafoetida with mayonnaise and coconut shells together with coconut oil mixed with oil, the blow wither and drying. The root juice is used to cure fever and thin toilets.

Usage: Raw fruits can be used as fruits, peeled fruits and seeds as flour and curd. Vita and moat are used as a rabbit.

03. Litchi:

Nutritional quality: There is vitamin C and food power.

Medicinal properties: Leaf juice is used in bite, bite and bite. Litchi fruit is effective in preventing cough, stomach, tumor and gland growth. Litchi seeds are used in the treatment of dermatitis. In the water the boiled litchi root, bark and flower neck injury. Kochi litchi is used as a medicine for diseases of the children and seeds of acids and nervous troubles. If the bark and roots are filled with hot water, the pain of throat is relieved.

Usage: Litchi's juice is being used in chocolate and chocolate national foods.

04. Guava:

Nutritional quality: There are plenty of vitamins.

Medicinal properties: The root, tree bark, leaves and unprotected fruits do good work in the treatment of cholera, dysentery and other stomach diseases. Benefits of placing the thorned leaves in wound or blow. The leaves of cowpea are relieved of dental pain in the chest.

Usage: Juices, jelly and juice are made from guava.

05. Blackberry:

Nutritional quality: Carotene, Vitamin C, Iron and calcium rich.

Medicinal properties: Kala leaves of jam helps to cure soreness. Powder derived from jamberry seeds is also used as a medicine for diabetic diseases. If you put the pajama jamb sea salt and keep it clothed with 3-4 hours of cloth, then the juice that gets out of it, thin slurry, the abscesses will remove the vomiting. Drinking jam and mango juice mixed together, thirsty patient's thirst subsides.

Uses: From jam to juice, squash and other preserved foods can be made.


Nutritional value: Vitamin C is there.

Medicinal properties: Ber and leafy leaves are beneficial for arthritis. The fruit is clear and digestive. Pharmaceuticals made from flowers are used to prevent air and abdominal stomach. Dry dry powder and sugarcane molasses mixed with lumps, girls benefit a little from the hand.

Uses: From ber to roti and chutney is made.

07. Golden Apple / Hog Plum:

Nutritional quality: There are vitamins, carotene and carbohydrates.

Medicinal properties: Prevent unpleasant bile and cough, cleanse unhealthy and voices. It is used in Aruchi and Biavatman.

Usage: You can make delicious curry and cottage drinks.

08. Papaya:

Nutritional quality: Carotene and Vitamin C are rich in.

Medicinal value: Raw papaya papain is used for the treatment of untreated, worm infection, ulcer, skin scars, eczema, kidney related complications, diphtheria, intestinal and stomach cancer. Papaya glue and seeds are also useful for the liver and anathematic. and spleen.

Uses: Raw papaya is used as vegetable and salad.

09. Banana:

Nutritional quality: There are calories, carbohydrates, calcium, iron and vitamin C.

Medicinal properties: Ripe bananas are used in the removal of cell membrane. The throat or mud of the collar and roots are used for the treatment of diabetes, dysentery, ulcers, and stomach disorders.

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