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The one minute exercise is equal to 45 minutes jogging

If you want a healthy life and long life expectancy, there is no substitute for exercise every day. Exercise for some time from the daily schedule, it will not only relieve stress but will also give long life span.

But if you can not get 45 to 50 minutes from the daily schedule, there is no uncomfortable exercise that you can get 45 minutes of jogging. Your muscles will become stronger just like jogging. So, this winter can be done quicker before going to bed for just one minute. The result was a result of one study.

For research, scientists from a University of Canada-based university chose 25 people more than normal. They were divided into two parts. Those who were in the first part were given strict exercises to run fast.


And the other team is given a less-industrious exercise like jogging in the park. But at that time they were tied up so that they were forced to sweat.

After 12 weeks, the members of both parties have achieved similar capacities for muscular strength, prevention of cardiovascular disease. That is, there was no fundamental difference between them.
Actually, depending on the process you are in, your healthcare facility will depend on Below are two general exercises that can be given at the same time, with the same long-term benefit of exercise:

•• Flipping through the stairs:

This is an exercise that you can get equal benefits in office, college or home. So, do not ride the elevator every time you come out or use the stairs during climbing. This will protect you from premature death.


•• Rope game:

If you get a little time, you can get out of the rope and outside. First leaping for warm-up first. Then slowly increase the speed. Pause for a while. Then start again the same way.

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