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The problem is due to the lack of zinc in the body

Zinc requires a mineral to keep our body function in order. If there is a lack of zinc in the body, there are various types of problems.

Eg: eczema, rash etc. Zinc is usually available in foods such as red meat, wheat, oats etc. In addition to diarrhea or pneumonia, due to lack of zinc, there is a delay in drying of conjunctive inflammation, foot or tongue, eczema, acne or psoriasis, inflammation of the skin, fungal diseases, and various types of infections and body lesions.

Zinc stimulates the immune system to prevent such problems, acts as an anti-oxidant in relation to complex biochemical processes, helps protect body cells from free-radical attacks and accelerates wounds.

What is the zinc deficiency in the body
Reduce disease prevention

Zinc plays a major role in increasing disease prevention. Due to the absence of disease prevention decreases.

1. Lack of memory:

Zinc plays a big role in keeping our memories. This activity is hampered by the lack of zinc and the neurological method is interrupted. It can also create learning disabilities.

2. Hair becomes thin:

If the body's zinc is lacking, then the hair of the hair falls. It weakens the head cells. It causes hair to dry and hair breaks. The hair becomes thin.

3. The bones weaken:

Zinc is important for healthy bones. It plays a stimulant role in bone formation. In the absence of zinc, the bones are weak and the knots are painful.

4. Problems with eyesight:

Zinc is very important for healthy eyesight. It protects the eye and prevents the night's disease. Studies have said that due to lack of zinc, there may be a problem of decreasing vision.

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