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The way to survive heart attack

 For those who are suffering from heart disease and who want to prevent cardiovascular disease, medical scientists of the American Heart Association researched and followed some rules. Among them,

More physical work:--

Your activity will reduce the risk of heart disease. Minimum 30 minutes of exercise will reduce the risk of heart disease every day. Regular exercise reduces blood pressure, enhances good cholesterol levels, keeps blood sugar under control, regulates weight, and gives healthy feeling to yourself.

Cholesterol control:--

Cholesterol is a kind of soft fat genetic material, which is in our blood and body cells. Cholesterol is a normal element of the body, which is the composition of cells and hormones. But excessive cholesterol increases the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

Two sources of cholesterol. One of which is our body and the other is food. The amount of cholesterol produced in our blood is 75% of the cholesterol produced from the liver or liver and cells. 25% comes from food.

Keep blood pressure under control:--

High blood pressure is a major risk of heart attack. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause the most damage and may cause your death. This is called 'silent killer'. Because it is very often without any physical symptoms. It has been found in the study that one in every three people in America has high blood pressure.

Refrain from smoking:--

One of the ways to survive death at a young age is to quit smoking. Smoking atherosclerosis and many chronic diseases. If the blood vessel is high in fat, then it is called atherosclerosis. Increasing fat in the heart's blood vessels causes coronary artery disease to increase the risk of stroke and miocurredual infarction. If you can prevent or reduce atherosclerosis, you should be free of these diseases.

Keep weight in control:--

Those who are 20 and over, they are more likely to suffer from weight loss or obesity. Additional weight is mainly responsible for coronary artery disease, as the single and primary cause. Increased waist size increases the risk of a heart attack. Along with this, excess weight plays a role in raising bad cholesterol.

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