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The wrong idea about 7 food!

There is a misconception about people's different types of food. For example, salt is harmful, noodles thicken or egg colostril increases or better than sugar. There are many misconceptions about this. But what are the experts saying about this?

Know at a glance :

Salt good and bad: Many people think that excess salt plays stroke and increases the risk of kidney disease, that is true. However, many people reduce the amount of salt in food, which is not right. Because, if the amount of salt is low in the body, then stress hormone production increases. Moreover, the salt nervous system stimulates the sympathetic nerve system to keep the system in check. Salt is such a role in preventing muscular pain, as well as lots of salt benefits for low blood pressure.

Noodles are thick:

 many people think that the noodles thicken. In fact it depends on what you are eating noodle made noodles, on it. Generally, white flour or flour that is harmful for health, nowadays everyone knows about health conscious. If you eat noodles made from roasted groundnuts, then it is a different matter. The idea is that all the noodles are not the same! Look at the noodles of the noodles to taste the noodles.

How much of the egg raises cholesterol:

We think that the cholesterol levels of each and every human being will increase, it is not right to think. In the United States, from a study of 5,50,000 people from 1982 to 2015, it has been found that there was no negative effect on eating eggs in the heart, rather the risk of 12% of stroke was reduced. However, it is the only nutritional quality of the egg, only in 'organic' eggs.

Saccharine tastes:

If you calculate calories, then the sugar is good. But the sakrarin increases the hunger. Besides, those who regularly eat sakarin, they forget about the true taste of sugar. Anne Fleck said about this, because of the usual taste of eating an apple, they forget the regular 'Saccharine'.

What is fat actually increases in fat:

We know fat increases by playing fat. Actually it's just the opposite. To be healthy, high quality oils required by each human body. Especially the salmon fat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or oil, which is particularly proven in the study. Besides, there are various nut oils, which provide Vitamin E in the body.

Red meat is harmful for health:

Normally, meat contains high quality protein and vitamin B12, which all require. And this protein is not available from any plant. It's heard, chicken meat or better than red meat. It can be said here that calves are easily digested and there are many nutrients in the lamb meat.

How important is eating fruit:

 No, those who think that fruit allergy increases more. If they want to avoid fruits, eat enough vegetables. Then you will not even eat fruit. Because, the fruits of food contained in the fruit, but vegetables are also there. If there is a problem or do not want to eat, there is no such thing as to eat the fruit. Vegetable is useful for you.

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