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There are additional facial damage to the skin

The skin is faked to remove the black and white spots. The facial cleansing of the skin is cleansed through facial and improves the blood circulation of the skin. But if you do not understand the nature of the skin, then the risk of loss is greater than benefits. The skin also becomes extremely sensitive due to the extra facial. As a result, it can be easily damaged.

Let's know about any of the damage that may be caused by fencing and non-compliance.

1) Skin itching

The cream or products used in the paraler are very harmful chemicals. Those who are responsible for causing various skin problems later on. Chemical damage to skin cells As a result, the skin is heated and itchy.

2) Hanging the face skin:

There are many people who want to make a day after day or every day, their skin can cause major damage. Because the skin of theface is very soft, and if the skin is massage daily then the capa will be hanging. It will show you old age quickly.

3. Allergy increases on the skin:

Different types of products are used in different types of products. Many people who have allergies, the use of all these products increases allergies. There may be other problems with red rashes on the skin.

4) The skin becomes faded:

The skin moisture decreases due to frequent facial changes. Outside, many of the skin is damaged. As a result, the skin becomes uneven and faded.

5) Redhead comes to the skin:

Some strong chemicals are used during facial, which may not fit with your skin. There is a reddish skin on the skin. Even the skin's brightness goes away.

6) Skin dryness comes in handy:

If regular facial, the normal moisture of the skin and the balance of the pH of the skin is wasted. The skin becomes more dry.

7) Different types of spots will appear on the skin:

Many times the practitioners use their nails or other equipment to reduce facial spots. There is no problem in using them properly. But the opposite can be cut or if there is a bigger stain.

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