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These health tests should be done by all men

Health tests should be done by men

It is wise to take health checks in advance, rather than treating it with negligence or negligence. It is very important for everyone to take a health test. In some cases, there is a need for health checkups. Today this report mentions some essential health tests for men. These tests should be taken after every six months or a year for any male. For those who have passed 40, it is very important to take 5 health tests at least once a year.

1. You have to check the risk of heart attack, first of all. Blood pressure tests will be done. Examine electrocardiogram and lipid profile to understand the risk.

2. Take care to see how much cancer risk in you! For this, the flexible sigmodoscopy has to be done. It is also very important to have a Fikal Agal Blood Test (FOBT), colonoscopy and mole screening. For people who are smokers, it is very important to have low-dose computed tomography. In addition, it is better to have prostate specific antigens and digital rectal.

3. It is necessary to check whether there is any hearing problem. To do this, check the audiogram. Through this test, it can be understood whether there is any hearing problem or whether there is any other problem. If there is a problem, then take appropriate measures.

4. Is that okay? Make sure to make eye examinations. It is known whether there are any problems or weaknesses in sight.

5. Diabetes is a serious disease like cancer. As the number of people suffering from diabetes lately, how much of the amount of glucose blood in the blood or blood glucose balance should be examined.

If you take these five tests, it will be possible to understand the overall condition of your body. If the report of these health tests is available to the physician, it will be easier for the physician to find out the reason behind the hiding of any problem in the body.

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