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This work failed? Get advice from the heart doctor right now

How to you know Your heart is good or bad? ?

A little test. What is the condition of the heart! There is no need to run to a clinic or doctor for this test. Rather, you can easily do this test by going into a multi-fold.

The European Society of Cardiology tells one such method, which will explain how your heart condition is. In the same way, we can not take complete care of the heart, in the event of unpredictable life and uncontrolled eating habits. Dangers are unknowingly screwed into the danger. The doctors of the European Society of Cardiology have said this way to understand whether there is danger to the danger in your body.

According to them, if the two stairs of a multi-storied stove can be raised in a minute, at a normal speed, it may stop at least, then you should catch the condition of your heart condition is quite good. However, if this problem is due to excessive breathing or asthma, then heart failure is good overall, it can not be said.

And for those who can not? According to the European Society of Cardiology, they have to take a little more care of heart care through regular eating habits, smoking, and body exercises. If needed, you may need to find a doctor. The city's heartwriters also rely on this small test-way. According to doctor Prakash Hajra, "Very useful exercise for heart muscles that breaks down the stairs. If there is any problem in this matter, then it should be assumed that his condition is not good. Again, those who are able to slow down the work easily, they have to accept their heart muscles and heartbeats.

Experts say, at least two and a half hours of exercise a healthy eating habits is needed for any common man. In addition to having good heart conditions as well as blood transfusion, various body parts of the body will be normal. However, consult a doctor before exercising. Exercise can be banned if there is any chronic disease. So it is mandatory to know before exercising.

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