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Ties to prevent blood circulation in the brain!

Many people wear a regular tie with shirts due to office dress code or to show themselves smart. And the rules of typing are tie, tied tight. But the results of a new study have said that tightly tied tie can disrupt blood circulation in the brain.

Tie wear can push blood into the brain by applying pressure to the throat and create unhealthy build-up of stress. For most people, it does not cause serious health risks, said researchers at the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - but it can cause problems among those who are already having problems with blood pressure, smoked or became adults.

Previous studies have already found tension in the eye with tie restriction, which increases the risk of glomoma. Researchers wrote, "Based on previous research, the goal of this study was to find out more about how to wear tie-brains that affect brain circulation and throat bleeding."

Using MRI scan, the researchers analyzed 30 male volunteers, 15 of whom were wearing thick necklaces and the remaining 15 did not wear the necktie. It has been found that those who are wearing the nerve have reduced their cerebral blood flow or brain-related blood flow to 7.5 percent, but blood flow did not decrease in the control group. Researchers say that this difference may be due to the extra stress of tying, where the tension is pressurized in the blood vessel. But none of the two groups had any effect on the circulatory blood flow in other parts of the body.

Proper bleeding in the brain is important for its functioning. Blood flow causes brain cells to provide oxygen, glucose and nutrition for its functioning. If blood flow is interrupted, there may be temporary blip or permanent damage to severe cases.

Neuroscience Research Australia's Steve Kasem (he was not involved with the research) told Alice Klein of New Scientist, "This 7.5 percent reduction is unlikely to cause significant symptoms. But people who already have blood flow problems or those who smoke or become elderly or have high blood pressure, can be at greater risk - they may have symptoms like headache, headache and nausea.

Although this reduction in blood flow is not too demanding, it can be an excuse to tie the tie or not! Based on the results of this study, researchers want to broaden the research based on those who are at risk of networking, whether to wear ti wear on their health or not to negatively affect their health. Now you want to tie the tie or you'll loose it.

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