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To prevent cancer you must follow this in daily life

Cancer preventing habits :

Compared to the past, the number of patients suffering from cancer has increased significantly. And the number of patients who have been growing at alarming rates every day. The survey found that 1 person died in every 4 cancer patients. But due to the lack of treatment and negligence, the number increased to 3 people. According to doctors, it is more important to take steps to prevent cancer than cancer treatment. Cancer treatment can not always lead to cancer. The prevention measures can eliminate cancer. We need to know how it is possible to keep yourself and people away from cancer. So today you have some steps to prevent cancer.

*** Quit smoking:

If you are a smoker, leave this habit to smoking today. Because smoking is one of the most common causes of cancer infections. Smoking is not only a lung cancer, it is possible to have any other type of cancer. Besides, your smoking effect is affecting your family members. Your smoking habit can be affected by cancer. So quit smoking as soon as possible.

*** Put food on the list of colorful vegetables and fruits:

Green vegetables and yellow-orange fruits contain anti-cancer antioxidants. Dark fruits like green orange, blueberries and black grapes are effective in preventing cancer. Doctors say that due to the high stature of black stain due to ripe banana, it prevents cancer from entering the germs of the body. They also prevent broccoli and cauliflower cancer. So keep it on the food list everyday, green vegetables and fruits.

*** Keep yourself free from sunlight:

The survey found that about 1 million people were infected with skin cancer last year, due to which the sun's harmful rays Especially in Bharatpur sunshine The sun's ultraviolet ray is more in sunlight in the afternoon. Which directly increases the chances of cancer when on the skin. So, stay away from the sunlight at sunset. Do not get out of the house without putting the sunscreen. And the sunscreen must be 24free level of SPF.

*** Reduce cow's red meat and animal eating fat:

Red meat and animal fat (oily fish and meat) reduce the resistance of the body's cancer. And due to having excess fat, it is useful for the treatment of various types of cancer bacteria. Increased risk of colon cancer, especially red meat and animal fat.

*** Try to stay away from chemical substances:

Try to stay away from chemical things as much as possible in daily life. Because exposure to chemicals increases the risk of cancer. Many people are in touch with chemical substances in the form of work. They should wear as much resistant clothing as possible and mask their skin and breath away from these chemicals directly from the body. Try to eat organic foods.

*** Keep your body removing:

Try to keep the body as active as possible. Do not sit continuously. If you work in the sitting, walk up and walk slowly and move the body. Regular walking and jogging. Exercise. Try as much as possible to keep the body healthy. At least 20 minutes of exercise reduces the risk of cancer by 60%.

*** Reduce excess weight:

Like many other diseases, fat and fatty acids are more likely to be cancerous. Because fat or fat reduces the resistance of cancer. Reduce excess weight as fast as possible.

*** Regular check-up:

If we are healthy, we do not want to go to a doctor. But we are at risk by ourselves. There are many diseases that can later become cancerous. If these diseases are regularly diagnosed, then it is possible to treat them easily. Again, if the cancer is not a very serious condition then its symptoms can not be seen in the body. But if we check regularly, maybe we can get rid of cancer by treating it at normal level. Regular check-up without negligence.  

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