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Using hand wash is a harmful thing

Bad effects of hand wash:

Wash your hands before eating some food. If not, then the dirty hands of the person, going to the stomach with gastric foods can cause serious health damage. So doctors are always advised to wash their hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash and eat them. The use of lately hand washing has increased a lot lately. Many health conscious people now wash their hands in liquid hand wash and sit down to eat. But the hand wash used by you is safe?

Experts say that the antibacterial liquid hand washing is available in the market, we do not see any of the elements in it. Experts claim, most of the market's current liquid waste wash, called triclosan and triclocarban, are used in two chemical substances, which are very harmful to the body. According to them, these two chemical components are destroyed by bacteria, but these are harmful to health. The effects of these two chemicals can be damaged in reproductive capacity, there may be several problems in the brain.


US experts claim that these chemicals mixed with hand washing can lead to 'drug regicide germ' which can not be controlled or killed by any drug.

Hundreds of more than 100 US liquid hand washing companies have found evidence of the presence of these harmful chemicals. The US Food and Drug Administration claims that there is evidence that the presence of these harmful chemicals is not only in liquid hands, but also in many popular toothpaste, soap, moth wash or detergent. So take good care of buying these products. And in this case experts should use Alcohol products to free their hand germs.

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