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Want fresh skin, know the key to natural mystery

Want to fresh skin by natural way 

Who does not want shiny skin! But not everyone is instinctively refreshing to have bright skin, there is no cure for getting it. Pimple on your skin,Acne quickly came quickly. Or your skin being attacked daily. The artificial product reduces a lot, but it is not possible to recover the good health of the skin.Especially during sleep, cleanliness is more important.Take a look at the natural way of keeping the skin alive, which will easily get in your kitchen.
Take a look at what you can use on any skin type in natural fissure wash list.

•• Natural Face Wash: 

*** Use on the normal skin:

The normal skin is not extra oily or dry. Such skin is not very sensitive or defective. It's easy to keep it simple. The acne spot on the normal skin does not have special. There is also a normal luminance. But do not take it for a Tekken for Granted. This kind of skin needs a little care:

• Coconut Oil Fresh Wash:

Coconut oil can remove all the contamination and dirty mouth in the mouth. It keeps the normal moisture of the skin. And behind the effectiveness of the costly products can be dropped behind. It is made from saturated fat. There are plenty of vitamins in it.Mention thirty drops with a few drops of coconut oil every night. Then put the towel in the hot water and keep it covered in the mouth 30 seconds. Clean the extra oil with a wet cotton. The skin will remain soft.

••• Natural Face Wash: 

*** Oily and Acne Protein Facial Wash For Skin:

Acne, acne, blackheads, and allergens of oily skin are all in the problem. Artificial products often damage the skin inverted. Fresh wash made from baking soda and honey is very effective for this type of skin. There will also be brightness of the skin, there will be no harm.

• Baking soda and honey:

Baking soda has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Honey keeps the skin soft and fresh. Facial Wash made from these two ingredients will keep your skin unblemished and young.First wash the face in warm hot water. Take a tablespoon honey half teaspoon baking soda. Mix the two hands together and mouth them. After that wash the face in the cold water and wash it with towel.

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••• Natural Face Wash: 

*** Facial Wash For Dry Skin:

This type of skin becomes dry quickly due to low moisture. The problem is that the problem of wrinkle is more. As a result, irritation of the skin is created. But you can get rid of it using some of the natural ingredients.

• Oatmeal and milk:

Oatmeal polysaccharide, which will protect your skin from all these problems. Its anti-inflammatory material retains its hydro effect by straining the skin. Milk is a very good component of dry skin problems. Vitamin D collagen increases milk production, thereby increasing the skin's flexibility. Mix oats and milk with dough, wash it after a few minutes after washing it.

••• Natural Face Wash: 

*** All skin is tolerated:

Those who have all skin type are more oily on both sides of their nostrils. Flour, oats. Yellow, lemon grated Powder mixed with paste paste.

Combination skin needs more care

••• Natural Face Wash:

***  For Sensitive Skin:

 acne, irritant problems start with this type of skin. Coconut oil and honey mixture are beneficial for such skin.First, mix two components and pour another container through the funnel so that the mixture is soft. After washing the water in a warm water, wash it in a minute for a few minutes. Remove with a wet towel.

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