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Weight and belly fat decrease only in 20 days

Fat is growing? Look awkward? Your old clothes are not tied up and waisting? By eating the right foods you can solve these problems if you want.

These problems arise because of accumulated gas in the abdomen, delayed eating at night, drinking carbonated drinks, eating more calories and sleeping less. If you want to reduce fat, you have to be more careful about balanced eating.

In this situation, practice eating a new type of drink with the ingredients near your hands. You will find that your weight and belly fat decreases.

You can eat a type of syrup by mixing ginger, lemon, honey and water to ease fat and fat fat. It will get very good results in a short time.

Drink as much as you like: Firstly wash ginger and lemon clean. Then the material will be sliced ​​with two different types of slices. At this stage, put a vessel in the stove and give it a lot of water. When the water gets hot, pour ginger and lemon in it. Then the level of fire will be reduced.

If the ginger and lemon mix well with the water, stop the oven. Wait until the water gets cold. Then remove the ginger and lemon slices, put the water well in a bowl and mix it well enough.

Try drinking this drink twice before or after meals every day. See, your weight and stomach fat begin to decrease within two to three weeks.


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