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What are you doing after quit smoking???

Have you given up smoking? Congratulations! You have already implemented one of the best decisions for your body. Now is the time to bring your health back. The loss of your body due to smoking is now a repair time.

Here are 7 things to do to bring you back to health after leaving smoking.

* Quit smoking forever:

If you smoke a cigarette in the day by taking a pack of cigarette smoke a day, then undoubtedly it's a nice start. But try to leave this practice forever, even in a day, not even a cigarette. Beverly Hills Institute's physician Alex Foxman said, "It should never be late to quit smoking. As soon as you leave this habit in life, you will be better off for your physical health. "It has been found that in 10 years of smoking, smokers have a lower risk of lung cancer, as the risk of developing coma is similar to the risk of lung cancer.

* Control stress:

Dr. Foxman said, "Some people's stress or stress in their lives proves to go back to the old habits like smoking." After giving up smoking, you have to pay attention to the stress level of health care. Find creative ways to stay calm and do not resume smoking.

* Exercise every day:

Exercise exercises every day is a key to healthy life, especially for former smokers. Dr. Foxman said, "Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily." If you have problems developing your daily practice habits, keep in mind that you do not need a complicated exercise right now. Any type of cardiovascular exercise will have a significant impact on your cardiovascular system at least 30 minutes. According to Foxman. He adds, 'Even walking will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (which can be a cause of heart attack and stroke). Exercise exercises are also excellent ways to control stress. Anyone can benefit from exercise. '

* Eat lots of fruit and vegetables:

Of course, good food is an important part of healthy living, but some foods are more important to former smokers than others. Antioxidant-rich foods can reduce inflammation and damage to the cellular level, which can help to repair the use of tobacco-related damaged tissues. High antioxidant-rich fruits include blueberries, red grapes, purple grapes, red berries, dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, nuts, tea and hole grenades.

* Study Meditation:

As a former smoker is important for reducing stress for your future health, so get used to the habit that can reduce stress by bringing back your health. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress or stress. Dr. Foxman said, "Every five to 10 minutes meditation practice has a very positive effect on mental and physical health." You can join Quantum Method or find out about Meditation by searching the internet.

* Regular health check up:

As a former smoker, it is important to know if a health problem is developing on your body, annual health checks are important. Effective steps can be taken if a serious health problem is detected in the initial stage. If you give up smoking and want to monitor your health, then go to the physician for annual physical check-up, blood tests and annual CT scan.

* Sufficient sleeping:

Smoking has been associated with sleep disruption, and with low sleep, the connection between heart disease, obesity and diabetes has been discovered. Research is suggesting that nicotine is responsible for the low-grade sleeping smokers. As you have given up smoking, practice practicing adequate sleep habits now. Get to sleep early in the night, refrain from using electronics while in bed and sleep for seven to eight hours every night.

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