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What effects repeatedly face wash

Repeatedly face wash effects

  To protect the skin from oil, dirt, pollution etc., it is easy to wash your face repeatedly, but it may not be good to clean your face.

Typists generally recommend to wash their faces twice. But it depends on the situation of the environment.

So, repeatedly, the face wash was right or wrong.

How many time to wash face:

Usually it should be cleaned twice a day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The dead cells are removed in the face in the morning, the skin looks refreshing. On the other hand, if the face washed in the afternoon, then the dirt of the skin washed away all day.

If you are engaged in physical activity, sweat or if the skin is more dirty and polluted, then wash your face three times a day. Besides, it should be used to wash the face three times depending on the weather. It is not necessary to wash the face of winter or the rainy season as much as needed in summer. But it is harmful to clean more faces.

What is the effects repeatedly face wash  ?

After washing the face repeatedly, natural oils are lost to keep the skin healthy. When the skin becomes very dry, excess sibm may be produced from the oil glands. As a result, acne can occur.

If the excess skin is cleaned then the resistance is damaged. As a result, they create rashes and eczema from cosmetics. Environmental problems, pollution and ultraviolet rays later cause discomfort and damage to the skin. Because of the lack of natural oil on the skin.

•• Which needs to be done:

* Wash the face with oil, alcohol and aromatic free mild faisons.

* Use a light moisturizer so the skin does not become too oily.

* Delete the face with 'Bloating Paper' to show the skin bright.

* If you do not make a makeup, then do not wash the face with a third washout and wash it with water and lightly remove it.

* If you do makeup, then you can use the matte powder or the oil-free mineral powder foundation.

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