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What to do after heart attack???

Doing next after heart attack:

 Due to high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the heart, due to blood clotting, it causes blood loss in the blood. In medical terms, this condition is called a heart attack. For example, if the way of Dipububil deposited in the water pond, the rice was killed after the way of getting rice / rice through the drain, we call the rice attack. And so is a heart attack too. Usually high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, high levels of bad fat in the blood / low levels of healing / hereditary cause (under mother's age 50 or under child's age 45, those children have a heart attack tendency in younger age when they have a heart attack). Besides, lazy lifestyle, stress, etc. are also more due to heart attacks.

Pain in the middle of the heart is usually heavy pain - which can spread on the left hand or right side of the throat, neck, peat / right hand of the chest, even on the right hand finger / even on the top of the abdomen (many people suffer from gastric pain ), As well as additional sweating, vomiting, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Even the patient can die immediately. 25 patients died in the first hour from the start of a heart attack and in the next 24 hours 25 more people died, that is, in the first 24 hours 50 percent of the patients could die. So if the disease first gets 300 mg of echosaprien, 300 milligram clopidigrail, 20 milligram atropovatine 20 mg of pants, and after reaching the nearest hospital, injection stapatocoankage can save about 25% of the patients from death. Next, determining the amount and number of heart block by coronary angiogram, one of the following three treatments is to be determined.

1. For small blocks, under 40% of the main blood vessel or below 70% in the branch blood, only patients with medicines may be better treated. 2. But if the block is placed 40% in the main blood vessel and 70% or more in the blood vessel, then the blocks are cleansed with belnu (there is a sort of culvert), and many others have applied this method to ring. In the first 90 minutes to three hours of heart attack, this method breaks the block, putting the ring is the most beneficial - the same is called the primary PCI - which is the latest treatment of heart attack in the world, which we are doing by the doctors of this country.

2. In cases where ringing is not possible, it is possible to take the blood out of the block by passing a new road and passing it in front of the blood. This method is called bypass surgery. The main thing to provide adequate blood at the right time in any of the above methods, in the part of the heart, due to the heart attack, due to the blockage of blood due to the blockage of blood. For preventing the blocking, you will have to stop using four-wheeler, ghee, palm oil, including an hourly medicines, including medicines. Fish fish with fish fish, vegetables, poultry and other than skin. Above all, it is possible to keep the heart healthy by avoiding stress and living a simple life. If a heart attack is one of the three treatments of the above mentioned medical sciences, only by changing medicines and living conditions, this treatment is not scientific, but the theory is nothing but unrealistic and sending wrong messages to society. Let us be careful about the right treatment to live from this deadly disease.

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