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What to do and what not to do when You get up in the morning

There is a word, Morning shows the day. Depending on how you start the day, many things happen.

I know, we do not have everything in our hands. But there are a lot of things that can keep your whole day uncomfortable even in a matter of hours. Any challenge you can take away smile ...

1. It's very important to wake up early in the morning. Not only that, the body is good. The mind keeps reinforced.

2. Open your eyes and look at the palms left side by side with two hands. Open the eyes and see the first hand line. Remember the name of God in mind. This means that the fate of the fate is cut, the scripture says so.

3. It's better to not wake up and not see someone else's face. But in the morning, in the mirror, seeing their face, many people are the reason for negative energy day after day.

4. The power that you can trust most, first see Him. May be he is the god of the East. May be your mother.

5. Do not fall asleep in bed and will not sleep in bed. Take a hand and foot. The extent to which you stretch, the confidence will increase. It will keep you happy every day.

6. Do you want a cup of sweet potato coffee in front of your eyes? Change this habit now. Because in our body 8-9 morning, there is a kind of hormonal energetic energy. So if you had a cup of coffee in the morning before nine in the morning, then everything was gone!

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